Project & Research

Advancing Skill Creation to Enhance Transformation (ASCENT)


1.      Title

Advancing Skill Creation to Enhance Transformation (ASCENT)

2.      Implementing Department

Department of Disaster Resilience and Engineering, PSTU

3.      Name of the SPM/PI/Director

        i.            Professor A.K.M. MostafaZaman

Project Manager, ASCENT, PSTU

      ii.            Md. Abdur Rahim

Assistant Professor and Research Staff, ASCENT, PSTU


4.      Research Area/Field

Development of societal resilience to disasters

5.      Objectives

To strengthen the ability of higher education to respond to research needs in disaster resilience.

6.      Achievements

Training, skills, leadership development, international collaboration and university-industry partnerships, Conference and Publications. 

7.      Implementation Status

                    I.            Commencement: March, 2016

                  II.            Completion: March, 2019

                III.            Ongoing: Yes

8.      Funding Source

Funded by the European Union and

Led by the University of Huddersfield’s Global Disaster Resilience Centre, based in the UK. 


9.      Website