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PSTU Corporate Loan  Applicaiton Form and  Criteria Legal Paper.pdf

PSTU Loan form Bond.doc


Internet Connection form personal/Office/Residence .pdf

Liaison Office Come Guest House Permission Form.pdf

Computer price List.pdf

Requisition form.pdf

Vehicle Requisition Form.pdf

Leave Application form

House Allotment Form(1).pdf

Prospectus of EMBA

Project Proposal Format(1) (3).doc

Enrollment Form of B_ Sc_ in Disaster Management (Hons_).pdf

All Semester NFS Entry Form

Caution fee Withdraw Application Form(2).pdf

Certificate Withdraw Application Form.pdf

Medium of English Withdraw Application Form.pdf

Migration Certificate Withdraw Application Form.pdf

MS & MBA bill form 2016.pdf

Entry Form BBA (1).pdf

Enrollment Form of BBA .pdf

Download PGS Forms

1. Application for Admission.pdf

2. Consent Letter.pdf

3. Proforma for Admission into PhD Course.doc

4. Proposal of Expert Panel for PhD Admission.pdf

5. Admission Form.pdf

6_ Course Enrolment Card (1).pdf

7. Cover Page for Research and Internship Proposal.pdf

8. MS Research Synopsis Form.doc

9. MBA Internship Synopsis Form.doc

10. Proforma for Submission of PhD Dissertation Proposal.doc

11_ Proposal for Student's Supervisory Committee(2).pdf

12_ Semester Stipend Bill for MS(1).pdf

13_ Semester Stipend Bill for PhD(1).pdf

14. Application for Thesis Exmination and Thesis Defense.pdf

15_ Proposal for Nomination of Thesis Examiners or Internship Report(1).pdf

16. Proposal for Nomination of MS or MBA Defense Member.pdf

17. Clearance Form new.pdf

18. Application for Testimonial Form.pdf

19. Application for Thesis Grant.pdf

20. Application for Caution Money.pdf

21. Application for Research Supervisor for MS, MBA and PhD Student.doc

Provisional Certificate form of MBA

Provisional Certificate form of MS

Provisional Certificate form of phD

MS/MBA Examination Entry Form 

Transcript Format MBA.doc

Transcript Format MS.doc

Tabulation Format MBA-1.doc

Tabulation Format MS.doc

Tabulation Format MS-1.doc

MBA Result Format-1.doc

Course bill form 2016

Office bill form 2015

English Medium Instructtion Application Form

PhD Yearly Progress Report Sheet (2).pdf